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September 25, 2013

The 2015 Kia K900 launching in South Florida

Kia is at it again, with the Cadenza spiking in sales, and an overload of satisfied drivers, Kia reports that the K900 flagship RWD sedan is coming to America, accelerating its drive into higher tiers of the luxury car market. Kia lovers may have heard about this beloved vehicle back when it was first unveiled, originally named Quoris, will now be called the K900. Known as K9 in the Korean domestic market and Quoris to the rest of the world, the decision to change the name from Quoris to K900, comes with a relief from many dealers.

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Early next year, the rear-drive flagship sedan will be launched in the United States with a price tag somewhere between $50,000 to $70,000. It will come with advanced safety technologies, luxury features and up to 420 horse power, in a package similar in size to what Kia officials are saying is a BMW 7-series with a 5-series price tag. Automotive News has reported that the 2015 Kia K900 should have a pair of engines when it arrives in the US – a 3.8-liter V6 and a 5.0-liter V8. Additional special features include, LED headlights, adaptive cruise control and all the other trimmings expected at this price point.

kia-quoris-4 kia-quoris-8

Initially, Kia will sell the 2015 K900 through a limited number of dealerships in key markets including cities along the West Coast, in New England and Florida (woo hoo!). This will also ensure that dealerships have enough inventory. Dealers will have to undergo customer-service training for the car and buy special showroom display items in order to sell the K900.

The 2015 Kia K900 is going to be quite an amazing car! I know everyone at Coral Springs Kia is very anxious for it to arrive and to catch the first glimpse. For more information on the Kia K900, stay logged in to Coral Springs Kia. We will be bringing you all the updates and information on scheduling a test drive as soon as we have it!



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